When you don’t let a raging case of diarrhea get you down, you know you are having a really good day.

Just in case you were wondering, if you ever go to a restaurant which provides you with three choices of dip options: peanut butter and jelly, spicy honey mustard and cheese dip….it’s best not to mix them.

If you are like “those are the worst combinations ever, so no worries I won’t”, I say it was actually awesome. My lower intestines just didn’t agree.

Our day started out fantastic. 

Quinn likes to do this thing where he wakes up and tries to have a full blown energetic conversation with me while I can basically only respond by grunting because my face isn’t awake. 

I am thankful that the days of jumping on me professional wrestler style are long gone. (At least first thing in the morning). 

After getting up and around, we decided to head out for a coffee date mom/son style.

Quinn grabbed his bike and I bundled us both up.

This time of year, Michigan can’t really decide what it wants to do. A point proven from the fact that it was windy when we left, and snowing when we headed home.

We hit roast and toast and Quinn got a vanilla hot coco. I nabbed a peanut butter latte.

I really missed doing our mom son dates. Now that I have a man in our lives, we get little alone time. 

Quinn had fun showing off his massive boy biker skills. He talks constantly about wanting a motorcycle (ugh) and can’t figure out why are 6 isn’t an appropriate year to get a license.

We got home and were ready to head out for our day.

Raven hill discovery center was our first stop.

They have an awesome little set up there for kids to discover from magnets to fossils.

Quinn had a blast 

Did I mention you can hold snakes and bearded dragons? No? Well you can!

We headed outdoor next into the woods.

They have an awesome tree house and trails that lead to “the ancient world”.

Of course, he had to pick up every stick he could and battle with them. Which is fun until you get snapped in the leg or poked in the head.

Boys will be boys right?

A little snowball baseball for extra emphasis when battling gets old.

Then stopping to eat when the fresh air builds up an appetite

We chose shorts brewery in Bellaire.

Here’s the dredded dip appetizer

Fyi: shorts cider is amazing.

To end the day, we chose another arcade.

Lucky jacks in traverse city had an awesome selection of games and activities And it was incredibly reasonable price wise.

We basically hit the jackpot with tickets and Quinn got a decent stash to go home with.

Seriously awesome day!

Xo – Emily