There are always just those days where you feel as if you have lived Monday over and over again. 

I like to make each and every day different in some way.

When Quinn was younger, it was super easy. Everything was new and exciting. 

A trip to the library including a discovery bin or new book was considered innocent fun.

I find, that as he grows, I need to find new ways to have fun and explore. 

Some things are consistently fun for my kiddo. Like his favorite tree on our walks.

But as he gets older, I find that consistency isn’t always key.

It’s hard as a mom. Trying to figure out that balance between connecting with my child and letting him grow. 

The best I can do is to keep it simple

Give him exercise and air

Have jumping contests and get dirty!

 just grab the shovel and go out! 

I find that parenting is the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

It’s full of love and fear to a level so intense that I could have never imagined I would feel.

This week has brought so many odd conversations that I didn’t anticipate. Like “mom, if someone comes to take me away from you, I will just play dead”.

Do you remember having these conversations as a kid?

I certainly don’t. 

My posts are mainly about how to enrich your life and how to go in a sort of natural way…..but what about all of the scary things we all deal with?

For the first time in my life, I told my son that biting and kicking and screaming were ok if it was someone that wasn’t mommy. 

How in the world did this even come up?

I am not sure if there is some sort of subliminal message poking it’s way around his interactions, or if he is some kind of intuitive. 

Either way, I’m not enjoying the concept.

I remember being little and being able to walk around unhindered. 

I can’t even let him go outside without fear of cencequence now!

And there is also all of this hype with bullying. 

I have seen it happen with my own son.

At the park the other day, he was playing rough with some boys.

Now, there is acceptable rough play and rough play that can lead to aggression. 

I didn’t make it quickly enough.

Another boy shoved my son down and kicked him.

What happened next?


My son walked away confused and the other boys walked away victoriously to their parents whom had witnessed the scene and did nothing because the boy had “saved his friends life” from a child three years younger (my son).

I heard it all and was mortified!

This is where I find a little conflict in me. 

My mother once told me of a story which consisted of my brother gaining respect from “the boys” by being hit repeatedly and then standing back up again after each attempt of violence like it was nothing.

In the end, my brother walked away a hero because he was “the man” in their eyes…or thus it was remember in my mother’s telling.

In this case of Quinn’s scenario…..nothing happened but an accusatory remark based on boys playing with no resolution whatsoever and my son being extremely hurt. 

Should I have stepped in?

I don’t know, but I did. 

The fury in me watching my son be thrown to the ground while three other adults literally did nothing but jeer on the other boys fueled my action into a statement spoken eye to eye with the children in 5 words only

“Hey, stop bullying my son”

I am a momma bear!!!!

So here is my question, where is the dividing line between letting your child experience things and stepping in to protect them?