The morning:
Hello 5 am….wasnt planning on seeing you today…..cant say I am too happy about it either.
Isn’t it funny how the anticipation of a day off gives you motivation to wake up earlier than usual. Or at least that’s how it works for Quinn.
I have to drag him out of bed on school days and most of the morning is spent repeating myself and nagging and rushing to get out the door on time.
I dislike it. It puts us both in a very bad mood. I’m frustrated because he isn’t listening and he is frustrated because mom won’t stop talking.
We don’t really have a game plan for the day, and the one activity he requested doesn’t open until 10 am. I’m wondering how much I can get away with as far as suggesting activities and how far I can go with convincing him to do something a little more outdoorsy and adventurous as opposed to commercialized or repetitive.
The more I lay here and watch the pink sunrise against the blood red leaves, the more I wake up. It will be a good day once I get my coffee down. I always complain that there is never enough time. I wish I didn’t have to sleep.
Mostly I was referring to having more time in the evening. I really detest mornings… can’t beat this sunrise though.
I made a simple breakfast for him and took the dogs out. 

It’s still freezing, so I decide to put off a walk with Quinn until a bit later. I am a wimp when it comes to the cold.
When he is finished I say we just relax for a bit. When I mean relax, I am really saying “you go relax”. It’s impossible for me to relax. I grip my coffee with white knuckles as the dogs play fight in high pitched squeals and barks. This usually means it’s not only loud, but the pillows end up all over the floor, things get knocked over, rugs will be askew and the couch will probably smash into the wall at least twice. Then dobby gets bored and wants to play fetch. If you refuse to play fetch, he puts his toy on you and digs like an evil 300 lb rat terrier. Either you throw the toy, or you get a sliced to bits. I don’t know how it’s possible for him to use the exact same spot on my foot for leverage to Sprint across the house , but he nails it every time. I see now why Quinn added this to his mother’s say sheet at school.
There was a question that asked “what does your mom like to do?”
His response “she likes to sit and relax and have coffee.”
This must have stuck in his mind, because by the fifth dog induced foot injury I am literally cry-yelling “I JUST WANT TO RELAX AND DRINK COFFEE!”
It all makes sense now. Thanks for getting me Quinn.
I scheduled a hair cut for little man and had an hour to kill before he was ready to go in. We drove to a garden center for kicks and wove through the rows of flowers and herbs in a “car cart”. I grabbed a couple of plants for fun and Quinn got to pick a treat for our “no rule” day. (We give a little leeway for things we are more strict on like sugar and fun purchases on Saturdays). After all, balance is key anyway right?

Here’s our work in progress:

When we were done with the cut, we grab a snack of a banana and crackers and head to the bouncy house. By this point Quinn is exhausted so he plays harder and gets crankier to avoid feeling tired. When the point where he rolls around on the floor smearing his sweaty hair on the mats in his body’s attempt to keep playing when it doesn’t want to, it’s time to go. We head to the grain train to pick up some lunch.
Predictably, he crashes in the car on the way. I am wondering where on earth the time went.
The days are always so highly packed with energy. I admire him for his energy, but a 5 am morning was getting to us both and when we got home, I napped too. For a good 2.5 hours with him to be exact. So much for a hike today….
The rain keeps us tucked inside. I have him jump in the shower and he begs for my soap. I have to monitor soap use in the shower because he likes to wash himself, and the walls, and the glass and his toys (you get the picture). I hear him calling for me and I check on him.
“Mom” he says “Smell my hands!”
I can smell them from the door, so I mostly object And just agree that he smells wonderful.
His response was
“I smell like success!”
Got to hand it to the kid, he has his own personality.
Dinner is burgers and veggies and as far as the evening is concerned, we are just snuggling.
I think maybe Lego movies and popcorn.